The Schengen Zone: What You Need to Know

We all want to travel and potentially, even wander a bit outside our comfort zone by backpacking solo or even for long periods of time. But, you can’t actually do that in Europe, and this is the worst thing for backpackers.

Thanksgiving Abroad: A nightmare

Celebrating Thanksgiving abroad is not as easy as it sounds. Why? Because no one cares.

Where to stay in Tallinn, Estonia

I have always said Tallinn is the new Prague simply because years ago Prague was still undiscovered by Western tourists. And that’s exactly how Tallinn, Estonia is today.

Where to stay in Riga, Latvia

The Baltics are still an adventure that many have yet to explore. While we are obsessed with the obvious staples of European travel like Greece, Italy, Germany, and U.K., we tend to overlook a gem that is nestled in the top right hand corner of Europe.

Becoming Dual Citizen: American-Swedish

In 2008, I embarked on an adventure that I never knew would impact my life. University was over. The recession was beginning. And my mind was in the clouds.