Cheap Travel Destinations During Winter

Seeing images of hot spots gets me itching to hit the road. But those exciting travel destinations do exist when summer has disappeared.

The Best Airplane Routine

Most of my travel is on long-haul flights around the world. These types of flights can be really uncomfortable if you don’t fly often.

Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock

Moving abroad is so exciting. It really is – until you come to the point of being away so long from your home country, you experience the shock of how you ‘used’ to live. 

Getting Grungy in Seattle, Washington

My home, and a big reason for what makes me me, is this place on the map called Seattle.

Staycation: How to Long-Term Travel

We all love vacations…but what about just not leaving? Yeah, I know you have that job and that dog, or maybe that significant other? Who says they can’t pick up and take flight with you?