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Getting a job post 2008 when the recession rolled out, has been the topic of conversation. For all of as college graduates who tried to enter the work force during these years, it has been extremely difficult. 

Being proud of working so hard in school, many graduates believe they will get the job they deserve straight after they move their tassel to the left and throw their cap in the air.


You could have graduated manga-cum-laude, participated in 5 extra curricular activities, scored 2 internships and companies still would say you were “inexperienced.” The problem with the companies of today, is they do not always realize what kind of person they have if their resume does not say it all in one page.

Everyday I search for jobs I qualify for. Every. Day. It is a job within itself. You know what qualifications some jobs are looking for?

  • BA in Communications with a PhD in Medical Sciences and PhD in Biology
  • 10 years experience in project management
  • 5 years experience in social media marketing
  • Under the age of 35
  • Excellent written and spoken English, Italian and Russian is a must. Zulu is an added bonus.
  • Must have blood type A+
  • Being in two places at once not a requirement, but highly sought after
Okay…obviously these are far fetched, but sometimes that is how I feel. Many jobs go beyond what is normal. I have seen someone wanting two PhD and 10 years experience in something…which is normally NOT possible unless you are 50 years old and not willing to retire? We need to give our 20-something and now 30-something a chance to prove themselves!
For me, my job search always is a continuing process. First of all, living in Sweden, I have the language against me. But there are so many English speaking positions in Stockholm and many people have said it should not be a problem. I’m looking for that company that makes me proud of what I am doing.

Someone once told me that they do not respect Generation Y (the Millennials), because before we are 30 we have had 14 jobs. Does anyone stop and think that we do not WANT to have had that many jobs by that age, but we are forced to since no one will hire us for jobs that will pay our bills, gain us experience and help us save for the future?

I really hope that I will not fall into that category of 30-somethings. For now, I will always look for a job that will be equally beneficial for their company and my life!

I want to work in event planning, social media marketing, marketing research, public relations, or anything that has to do with getting people involved! So if anyone reads this, hit me up and go to my “Living CV” on my personal website


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