Working In Stockholm

It was two years ago when I won the hearts of the Swedish migration board. Now with my visa renewal just around the corner, I am very thankful for my life here in the land of Abba, blondes and H&M.

In October, I beat the odds and landed a job at the Stockholm startup tech company called Truecaller. Without a job title in the beginning, I officially poured my creativity into the position, which resulted in marketing and a brand new project to the company, the Truecrew Brand Ambassador program.

Many people ask me “don’t you ever want to move back to America?” But I seriously think that living abroad so many years has thickened my skin and taught me so much about myself and what I can accomplished. I was once a girl who had dreams and ambitions of what I would turn out to be. At almost 30 (okay…still 2 years away), I am proud to look back through my 20’s and know that I lived an adventure that many people missed out on while attaining a job after college.

Europe makes me feel strong, independent, while at the same time reminding me that I am special because of where I come from.

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