Top Places to Eat in Tokyo

Traveling is a plethora of restaurants that can often leaving you pulling your hair out because you want to make the right choice in where to eat. If you only have 10 days somewhere, you want days full of the best places to eat, right? No one wants a bad meal or deal.

I have combined my list and links of favorite places in my last trip to Tokyo.

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For me, it is all about seeing what and if locals are eating in the restaurant I choose and ramen, ramen, RAMEN and yakiniku. I am crazy about those noodles and broth magical combination. We also wanted to try Kobe beef to see if it lived up to the hype. We may not have had full Kobe beef steaks, but how about Kobe beef SUSHI?

Yakiniku (Grilling)

Han no Daidokoro DogenzakaShibuya/Roppongi: Home of the Kobe beef sushi. The vibe in this place is crazy cool. They all yell ‘welcome’ in Japanese when you roll into this place. Being placed at the bar in front of the chefs was a cool experience as well. This is a yakiniku place, which means they place grill in front of you where you do yo thang. This is where I had the Kobe beef, and we also recommend the chef’s special meat platter. 👌

Han no Daidokoro Dogenzaka image

Asakusa Char-Grill Yakiniku HontosayaAsakusa: Also a Yakiniku place with a price tag. You sit on the floor, and they have a new flat screen TV encased in an old TV with saran wrap protecting it. It played old Japanese movies. Epic place with awesome meat selection. Many locals were hanging out here.

Char-Grill Yakiniku Hontosaya image

Ramen (Noodles!)

Do Miso Hachobori, Ginza: This place’s spice level is unreal when it comes to their ramen. I think my boyfriend’s mouth caught on fire. But guess what? We were craving this place like crazy the whole rest of our trip.


Sushi Zammai Asakusa KaminarimonAsakusa: If you believe it, this was my boyfriend’s first time in his life to eat sushi. This was highly recommended on TripAdvisor, and although it was good, the miso soup was a disappointment because it lacked flavor. This place I believe is a chain around Tokyo, and always has a waiting line out the door of locals.

Fish Market

Tsukiji Shijo, Ginza: We ran into this place on accident, but what an accident! While not a cheap place to swipe street food (everything is about $5-10 a pop), it is a memory I will never forget. Everything here is obvious seafood and freshly caught that morning. I believe there are tours you can take, but it is more of a spectacle to explore it yourself!

Grilled swordfish dipped in teriyaki sauce


Squid jerky. Awesome


This snack was completely random, and it is a popup shop, which everyone loves! I found Pablo Mini in Akihabara right by the metro station. It is a chain from Osaka, Japan with mini cheese tarts with pure magic on top. Unreal.

Did you have a great restaurant experience in Tokyo? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Emily Tsuda | 4th Nov 17

    I’m glad you went here. 🙂 You should come to Kyoto sometime and I’ll show you around! <3

    • Lindsey | 4th Nov 17

      I went to Kyoto about 8 years ago. That’s definitely on my list of places to go again!

  2. Marilyn Comiskey | 31st Oct 17

    Loved reading this post!!! Can’t wait to try all the yummy fooooooood!

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