Swedish Visas for American Citizens

Want to learn about moving to Sweden and getting a Swedish visa? You’ve come to the right place!

I never thought I would find myself in one of the farthest north countries. I guess I always thought I would end up in Australia – which is literally the polar opposite of reality.

I just didn’t think about Sweden. Sure, I knew about it from ABBA, IKEA and hot blonde girls with blue eyes – but to live? Nah.

Making the Decision

One thing I did know was that I wanted to live abroad. I made that decision when I turned 22 – but where? I had chosen Greece to plant my feet – whether they accepted me legally or not. In fact, they did not legally accept me. That is why I am in Sweden in the first place – because Sweden did.



Celebrating my first Nationaldag as a Swedish citizen

Getting the Visa

My original visa is known as a Sambo Visa, or a relationship visa for moving to a future spouse or cohabitating partner. They usually need to be Swedish citizens or on a visa in Sweden. There are many types of sambo visas, but I think my type is quite common for those who are not married and just want to test out living with their significant other.

Other visas to look into:

Work: This would include being employed by a company (sponsored or re-location), self-employed, or those who’ve lived more than 5 years in another EU country.

Study: A great option if you haven’t struck gold with finding yourself a Swedish lover. Maybe you are just outright adventurous or looking for a new start. This would be the option for you to attend a university in Sweden! It’s never too late to switch it up.

EU Blue Card: I actually just found out about this and at first thought it was a scam, since I have never met anyone with this visa. This card is meant to be more attractive to citizens outside the EU who are experienced professionals. The rules are as follows:

  • Non-EU citizenship
  • Educated or professionally experienced
  • Work contract or binding job offer

Visa Waiting Times for Sweden

Currently, as in 2017, waiting times to process visas can be anywhere from 5-18 months. So you better plan ahead!

Do you have questions about what visa is right for you? Write in the comments below!

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