How I Find Creativity

I consider myself creative in a lot of ways, meaning I think I can fake being good at just about everything besides sports, but I wouldn’t say I am great at just one thing. Master of none, maybe?

Lately I am trying to do new things that make me happy and to ignite my inner creative creature.  While some girls might like shopping for the perfect outfit or accessory, I shop for the perfect pillow or vibe I can add to my apartment. I have always wanted to be a ‘nester’, but have never lived anywhere long enough or owned anything of my own to put in the efforts. Since I received my Swedish citizenship, and a perminent housing contract, I relaxed a bit and started to nest.

Becoming a Creative Creature

Creativeness can’t really be forced. You really have to be inspired by something. Music is a great choice to just let the outside world fade away, and get trapped into a daydream state as you listen to songs that really strum your strings. Actually, when I am writing short stories, or having to hunker down at work, I listen to certain songs that automatically inspire me to write a certain way. So, I suggest finding a specific playlist that just lets your mind wander and relax.

Visually, I surround myself with images that completely take my breath away. I follow photographers on Instagram, I research DIY projects and try to copy them, I wander into designer furniture stores just to be surrounded by perfection. All of this inspires me of what I can do in my own life to enhance creative time.

My favorite things

Among my basic first loves of writing stories, and drooling over videography of idols on Youtube, one thing I dabbled in was calligraphy! My mother and grandmother have always had the most beautiful handwritting, and since our schools growing up stopped teaching us cursive, obviously my generation’s handwritting is a bit weak. I follow some amazing accounts on Instagram if anyone is interested in seeing how perfect some of these hands are!

Elisabeth Young (@elisaannecalligraphy)
Elisabeth Young (@elisaannecalligraphy)

Calligraphy is very soothing to the soul. The way it just flows makes any OCD person shriek with inner joy. I am not OCD by any means, but the way Elisabeth constructs her photos just makes my heart sing. Which brings me to my next creative endevour. Photography!

I have alway had a unique eye for taking photos and video ever since I was about 16. I literally thought I could be the person who makes postcards (I absolutly adore receiving postcards FYI). Although I am not so knowledgeable in the camera equiptment, I recently bought myself a Sony RX100 V, which I have been crushing pretty hard on for my little Youtube channel.

One last thing…is kind of dorky. Embroidery. I think I can get good at this, or at least with what I want to do! I am obsessed with tiny tattoos, even though I don’t have any tattoos. The simplistic, thin black lines are really attractive. Since I cannot decide which tiny tattoo I want, I thought I would embroider them on my second favorite thing in the world: pillows!




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