Adventures Everywhere

It’s so easy to get caught up in routine. We just keep going at an unbelievable rate and work to check off the accomplishments of life on our list. You don’t have to travel far to have an adventure and make life more interesting.

Job, marriage, house, baby, another baby, promotion at work and on and on. It’s exhausting to just focus on the future instead of living in the now.

I once had a friend who told me they would just work as hard as they can until they are 60 years old, and then start to have adventures around the world. I found this incredibly sad, and it is a reason why people have a mid-life crisis. Who told you you’d make it to 60? I understand that is a very morbid thought, but tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so why do we live as if it is? Enjoy the details in your life – don’t just keep blindly running towards a goal…and once you get there, you celebrate and keep running to the next.

I have an obsession with time, especially in my creative writing. I find it mysteriously sexy because it is literally unstoppable and unpredictable…but there are moments you can have with people, places or things that can make time stop completely in your mind, and just linger there. Those are memories that stay with you until the end of your time. That’s what I strive for.


Just have adventures everywhere

I try to have at least one adventure per day to keep my imagination free-thinking. I am talking about ‘mind-blowing make-you-think’ about your life adventures, and other ones that just make me smile. I love challenging the direction of myself.

We are all just one decision away from a completely different life.

We are in charge of getting anything we want. But so many of us just fall short and are not honest with ourselves. That is why it’s important to leave your comfort zone and just let you guide…well…you!

Go outside, and pick a route you have never walked. And keep walking. Put on some tunes, and let your mind just wander. Say hello to people you pass. Maybe that is against your character to do so, but even if it’s just quiet, say it. You have no idea how much this could effect someone’s day positively if you acknowledge the people who are in your environment at that moment.

Stop and admire something small. Ever heard ‘it’s all about the details’ or ‘it’s the little things’? We can take a lot for granted. I often stop and just appreciate a simple color combination of a plant, or the beauty in the stonework of a building. Being intrigued throughout your day keeps your brain more active and vibrant.

Make time to have an adventure alone. The only best friend I will ever completely have is me, myself, and I. If you are your own best friend, you will never be alone and it is true when you say you won’t be bored either.

Above all, try to make the most out of the time in your day. It’s not all about work. It’s not all about play. It’s how you balance the 24 hours that are allowed for each of us. Who knows what adventures can happen between when the lights come on, and when they go dark.






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