Top Places to Eat in Dubrovnik

With its location on the Adriatic, and influence from Italy, it’s no wonder Dubrovnik is full of pizza and seafood. We wanted to avoid the tourist traps as best we could, and if you only have a few days, here are my top choices to check out! Get ready, this is going to make you hungry!


Lady Pi-Pi, I saw this open-air restaurant from the City Wall activity and loved the charm of its grape-vine covered ceiling and a large grill filled with fresh seafood! Lady Pi-Pi has a very inappropriate statue outside her walls, which I am assuming is where the name came from. This place takes no reservations, so make sure to get there early or you’ll be caught in a 45-minute wait. My favorite dishes were the Seafood platter for 2 (huge tuna steaks, crayfish, muscles, white fish, squid) and the goulash!

Azur Dubrovnik, This is seafood with Asian fusion! The atmosphere was romantic, as we sat by a section of the cities encircling castle wall. I really loved their starter tacos and spicy beef salad.

Lady Pi-Pi restaurant (top), seared tuna from Azure (left), seafood platter for 2 from Lady Pi-Pi (right)

Street Food

Pink Shrimp Street Food, I think the name says it all. This little side restaurant is 100% shrimp tapas. Bubba Gump would be proud. Sliders, cocktail, tempura, salad, bruschetta, and more. The price was around $5-10 per dish. I highly recommend if you are not starving, but want a cool experience.

Tutto Bene, You haven’t experienced life until you have tasted this place’s spicy kabob wraps. Even with all the fancy meals on the trip, I would go back in time and possibly substitute for that kabob! This place was packed every day!

Sliders & bruschetta from Pink Shrimp (top), bucket-o-fries & spicey kabob wrap from Tutto Bene (bottom left/right)


Mea Culpa Pizzeria & Trattoria, We actually ate here twice because my father is obsessed with diavola pizza.The pizzas are giant and the salads are fresh and extremely tasty. I also thought the price was reasonable. They have a lot of open tables, so it is fairly easy to stop by for a bite at any time of the day.

Salads and huge pizza from Mea Culpa

Ice Cream

Peppino’s, First of all, let’s get one thing straight. This is not gelato. You only have gelato in Italy, because that is the Italian word for ice cream. It really annoys me when people think any ice cream that is arranged in heaps with decorations is all of a sudden gelato. I think Peppino’s is the best ice cream store in town because of its creaminess and interesting flavors!


Did you eat somewhere awesome on your trip to Dubrovnik? Tell me about it in the comments!




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