How to Calculate a Short-Stay in Europe: Schengen Visa Calculator

Need to know how many days you have been in Schengen countries? Here’s your Schengen visa calculator! 

For years I have been giving advice on how to calculate your way through Schengen visas, overstays, understays and a whole bunch of ‘what-ifs’. I decided to put my knowledge to good use, and let my readers calculate their situations for themselves!

The most common Short-stay visa myths

Travelers can stay 90-days within Schengen, leave for a day, and then come back again. This is called a “visa run,” and it is not possible in Schengen countries.

Other travelers believe that the year is separated into two 180-day periods, and as long as they do not overstay their first 180-day period, they can continue on into their next 180-day period with their day-counter back to 0. That might have been true before the EU Council made an amendment in 2013. According to the actual law, a traveler cannot overstay 90 days within any 180-day period. That means it’s a rolling counter that stays with you all the time.

To use this calculator, please visit here

The Schengen Visa Calculator: Why it’s needed

It’s a lot of manual work to think back to when you have entered and do the math! I have created a Schengen Zone Calculator that everyone can use for:

  • Planning your trip in advance
  • Checking your remaining days while traveling throughout Europe
  • Checking how many days you might have overstayed your short-stay visa

To use the calculator, please select it under the menu of this website, or click here.



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