Traveling Dubrovnik: Go // Sleep // Eat Guide

Since Game of Thrones started filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia travel has become a summer destination hot spot. This September, my family and I decided to join the bandwagon and take a 10-day trip to see the coastal Balkin city!

I have been hearing about Croatia since a good friend of mine went to Yacht Week back in 2012. Since Croatia became an EU country back in 2013, and Game of Thrones started filming around the same time, it has been on the rise as a top tourist destination. I was obsessed with the vivid greens against the orange terracotta rooftops and pale stone buildings. For me, it is one of the perfect color combinations. Some mornings were not the best weather (as we did go in early September), and the mist would roll off the hill the looms above the old town.

Where to Stay

Don’t think you’re going to have a cheap vacation in Dubrovnik. I was shocked to see many of the accommodation prices were $150 and up per night, and this is for Airbnb. (Get $30 off your first booking with AirBnb here). My needs for accommodations were:

  • In the old town
  • 2 bedrooms (my parents tagged along this time)
  • Kitchen
  • Below $300 per night
  • Rustic interiors

We decided to stay at 2 Airbnb rentals inside the Old Town walls. This meant we would really have a view of the sea or a large balcony, but we wanted to be in it. We managed to find a great AirBnb with a terrace inside the city walls. If you’d like to know which one, please contact me for more info! If you’re looking for Game of Thrones locations, we stayed very close to all of them.

The yellow stars are our AirBnb rentals, and the blue circles are extra filming locations for the ‘Shame Steps‘ and ‘Littlefinger’s Brothel

What to do?

We had about 8 nights just in Dubrovnik. It’s a really small town, but there are a lot of excursions if the weather is right. We visited the surrounding Elafiti Islands by speedboat, had beach days, hiked, Lokrum Island, and a 2-night excursion to Kotor, Montenegro. Other things I was interested in doing was visiting the village of Mostar and the Vjetrenica Caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina – but I will save that for next trip.

Where to eat?

My first thoughts were seafood, seafood, seafood! We ate at a number of amazing places, and you can read the full guide here. My favorite out of everything was Lady Pi-Pi, which was a small mom-and-pop open-air restaurant with a large grill!

Dubrovnik Seafood

The Colors of Dubrovnik

It seems like every alleyway we turned down offered a new adventure of colors and terracotta plants!

City of Dubvrovnik

The walls of Dubrovnik

dubrovnik rooftops




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