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Understanding the Visa Information System (VIS)

Traveling is fun, but in order to travel you first need to get the proper visas to be able to go where you want. The Visa Information System for European Union entry should be in your vocabulary alongside Eiffel Tower and Pisa.

The Untameable Beast

highland cow


Weekend Getaway to Krakow Poland

Poland is a European country that I have always wanted to travel to. First of all, I am a sucker for cheap prices. Secondly, the World War II history of this country is insanely important to learn about and see for yourself.

Cheap Travel Destinations During Winter

Seeing images of hot spots gets me itching to hit the road. But those exciting travel destinations do exist when summer has disappeared.

The Best Airplane Routine

Most of my travel is on long-haul flights around the world. These types of flights can be really uncomfortable if you don’t fly often.

Staycation: How to Long-Term Travel

We all love vacations…but what about just not leaving? Yeah, I know you have that job and that dog, or maybe that significant other? Who says they can’t pick up and take flight with you?

The Schengen Zone: What You Need to Know

We all want to travel and potentially, even wander a bit outside our comfort zone by backpacking solo or even for long periods of time. But, you can’t actually do that in Europe, and this is the worst thing for backpackers.

Where to stay in Tallinn, Estonia

I have always said Tallinn is the new Prague simply because years ago Prague was still undiscovered by Western tourists. And that’s exactly how Tallinn, Estonia is today.

Where to stay in Riga, Latvia

The Baltics are still an adventure that many have yet to explore. While we are obsessed with the obvious staples of European travel like Greece, Italy, Germany, and U.K., we tend to overlook a gem that is nestled in the top right hand corner of Europe.