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Category: Feelings About Moving Abroad

Posts about my thoughts and experience from living abroad

Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock

Moving abroad is so exciting. It really is – until you come to the point of being away so long from your home country, you experience the shock of how you ‘used’ to live. 

Getting Grungy in Seattle, Washington

My home, and a big reason for what makes me me, is this place on the map called Seattle.

Becoming Dual Citizen: American-Swedish

In 2008, I embarked on an adventure that I never knew would impact my life. University was over. The recession was beginning. And my mind was in the clouds.

Things You Don’t Think About Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad sounds like a fairy tale. Everything will be new; culture, currency, friends, language, environment. Your friends and family will be jealous because they never have had the opportunity to travel as much, or even leave the country, let alone live somewhere culturally different. You will be a pioneer.

The Travel Best Friend

Sometimes our travel best friends know us better than our own friends back home. We meet them on the road, and bond quickly.

Mediterranean Home Decor

The place where I have felt the most free, the most beautiful, and beyond all, completely full of life has been my old “home” of Mykonos, Greece. While moving to Sweden has been quite a big difference not only weather wise, but culturally for me, I try my best to bring flavor of Mykonos style to my personal surroundings.

..I Can Feel Your Heartbeat..

Mykonos, the place I have called my home away from home since 2008, has a heartbeat.


Greece is known as a beautiful destination for honeymooners, photographers and old people who’s life goal was to see the Acropolis.

But for immigrants, it’s the fountain of youth for a new beginning. Athens, the capitol city in Greece, is littered with pan-handlers and Africans that somehow got an amazing deal from Prada to sell the designer bags for under $20…or two for $20, depending on your bargaining skills.

Escaping, as I’d like to dramatically call my adventure, to Greece has been a whirlwind of Rainbows and unicorns with some sticks and stones thrown in there…but three and a half years later, I’m thirsty for more.

This recession has made it very difficult on my generation in means of finding work and not worrying about expenses. Old people won’t give it up and retire, and businesses are expecting 3 years experience as a project manager + 4 years experience in sales + 10 years experience in social media marketing (which has not even been AROUND 10 years!). Let’s face it…no one gets a chance like our folks did. So we have to make our own experience.

That’s why I am immigrating to Sweden…and I am damn excited about a new country, a new culture and a new jump start to life. I know it sounds random and even scary, but me acquiring a work visa for Sweden might just be the second best things that’s happened to me.

What’s the first? That’s another story!

Family Globalization

The saying goes as follows: “Home is where the heart is.”

.Access Denied.

Devastation. That is the world that comes to mind.