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Best Months to Travel to the Greek Islands

Greece is known for it’s glittering Aegean sea, amazing eats, sunny weather, and an unbelievable nightlife. It is a place where time is allowed to stop. It is enjoyed by tourists mainly because it is a place to fully relax and enjoy a vacation properly.


Pipe Bombs and Frappes

Greece has been a whirlwind this time around!

I landed in the land of the gods on March 26, after a circus of flights across Europe, and came straight to the Greek islands via ferry boat. The months of March and April were quiet and not warm enough to beach it up. However, after a quick trip to Athens for my American friend’s birthday, I was content with filling my nights with back to back American films on the local t.v station.

We have officially opened the Skandinavian Bar and Disco, where I have been working the past three summers! Luckily for me, the island is filled with eager and adventurous Americans and Canadians! I have met a few couples from Seattle, and one from Woodinville! Vancouver, BC is representing itself very well here as well! Small world…

As for the chaos in Athens that you all might have heard about, it has been very sad for the Greek economy and the people as well. Three people suffocated to death in a bank after a rioter threw in a pipe bomb. However, it is not all of Athens that is in turmoil, just a small district near one of the government buildings. Despite what American media is telling you, no one is getting shot and its not dangerous to be in Greece. Yes, the citizens are angry at the government and are expressing their freedom of speech a little to harsh…but I am perfectly fine on Mykonos drinking my iced coffees and soaking up the sun.

I hope the weather is becoming enjoyable wherever you are in the country or world, and if anyone is thinking of a vacation this summer, please come visit me in Greece! This may be your last opportunity!

You Son of a Beach!

I cannot believe it is almost June! It seems like just yesterday I was covered head to toe in jeans, thick jacket, scarf and Ugg boots in Seattle.

Skandilicious Mykonos Begins!

Tonight we officially open Skandinavian Bars and Disco!!

One Month and Counting

So what have I been up too? As of now, I am making fresh meatballs and unfortunately and awesomely watching UK legend Bear Grylls tear a zebra carcass open with his teeth. Glad I have meatballs…

Life on the island has been quiet and peaceful. Cruise ships of Americans trickle in and have kept me laughing at some of the silly questions I have been over hearing.
“ you have regulars here?”
Ι heard a girl ask the Albanian posing as a Greek at the local souvlaki shop. He gave her a slimy hug and giggled a high pitched laugh. Girl, it’s not Cheers nor is it the local Dunkin Donuts…no regulars come to a dirty souvlaki bar unless the have to.

The season is about to start picking up, and due to the Icelandic volcano that decided to reap havoc on Europe…no people have made it down to Greece in the past week. Which has been a blessing to me, but bad business for store owners.

Γεια σας!

Greekness Comes in All Flavors

It is hard being a blonde haired blue eyed woman on a Greek island. Straight up.

Not because I look drastically different from the brown hair and dark eyes, but how the youth go about treating me.

To tourists that come to the island, and hear the “hello my sexy,” or “so very beautiful,” may be quite flattering. However, when a woman hears those comments and a handful of crude ones, it becomes annoying and almost disrespectful.

Why can I not live my day here without awkward remarks and propositions from dirty men? And why do they even think those comments work?

Italians are the worst with comments, but at least their comments are mostly innocent. It’s the compulsive touching and grabbing and then denying they touched you part that is to much. Yes, they will obviously grab you somewhere then when you show you didn’t like it, they will act like YOU are crazy for thinking THEY touched you!

I am always so impressed by Italian or Greek women because thy completly ignore the comments, no matter what is being said. Me being American, I was conditioned not to tolerate offensive comments. So instead of ignoring the remarks, I yell back just as horrible comments. But it works the opposite!! They LIKE that they got a reaction out of you!

It’s like having an annoying big brother all over again!


Prepare for take off

I am currently sitting in the Sea-tac airport waiting to board my gate to Vancouver, Canada. My good bye to my parents was emotional 6 on a scale from 1-10. But I am a 25 year old adult that is making traveling back forth between Europe her mid-20’s life. Although i do not agree it is the best type of lifestyle, it is one that fits me like a glove.

It’s always hard to leave your home, friends and family. Yet with all the adventure ahead of me, I cannot be to sad that I am being a jet setter. I would be more upset if I was not able the jump on a plane every once in awhile and live by the seat of my pants.

I am listening to my favorite Greek music on my iPod touch as I type this, and I have the most beautiful thoughts of he sun shining of the white washed buildings of Mykonos. With the old fishermen yelling “ELAAAA!” which means “come” to the seaguls who await the fish innerds.

And of course who could forget the Aegean sea, so salty, refreshing, and completly againt my fear of the sea! But it’s nice to look at!


One Month Until Take-Off

The day has finally arrived! One month before I jet set back to Europe for another sun filled Greek summer!

Like all summers in Europe, my adventure starts off with a long, ridiculous number of cheap plane rides to countries I don’t really have reason to go to! People ask me, “why do you go through London all the time?”

Because it’s CHEAP! I don’t mean venture out into the great British country side and mingle with the Brits, because that will drill holes in your pockets. England is the magical country that allows you to travel on such crap airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet to destinations for as cheap as a penny (on specific discounts).

I am looking forward to once again throwing my responsibilities out the window and amercing myself in all that is Mykonos and Greece. The soul pounding beats of the famous DJ’s, the crisp, alcoholic and icy goodness of pool bar Mojitos, the mouth watering morsels of Greek food, the hypnotic nightlife and the luxurious atmosphere that covers you from the top of your designer sunglassed head to the tip of your spa treated toes.

I will tan darker than before. Drink a shot of ouzo whenever I see fit. Engorge myself with as much Greek salad as I want. And damn it, I will learn those awkward Greek sounds in order to learn the language! And if life turns around and smacks me in the face when I don’t expect it, I’ll throw my hands in the air and laugh. Because that is what life and experiences, good or bad, are all about.

Winter in the Cyclades

Winter is upon us here in Mykonos. And I know what you all are thinking…winter doesn’t exist in Greece! Well, it does, and fortunately for me it happens to feel like a nice, fresh, cool, sunny/overcast-at-the-drop-of-a-hat, Seattle summer! I understand that I have not been very up to date with updating everyone on the events this summer, so here I go..the past couple months in a nutshell…


The weather was warm and the Italians were even hotter! Mykonos is known for it’s vast majority of club scenes, vespa driving, beach parties and water sports. It is also known for having half of Italy practically immigrate to Mykonos for 1-2 months out of the summer. So if you “no capito Italiano”….you’re screwed, because they don’t even know there is another language outside of Italian!


There I was, wandering the disco getting ready for my night of taking orders, heavily persuading strangers to buy VIP bottles and tables, trying to communicate in Italian, sign language, Greek and spanish and be charming at the same time, when a bartender from downstairs needs to talk to me.
“What’s up?” I ask Kosta. He very quietly, and oddly professionally (since we don’t work in the most elegant of bars), says to me:
“Uhhh Lindsey, we have a special guest down stairs, he was in some American singing group called Vansing…”
I think for a moment. Vansing…what the…
“I don’t know, his name is like Jance or something…”
“Kosta..Vansing? Jance…I have never heard of…”
“Ok, ok, whatever, be cool though, just come down stairs and talk to him about getting a table..”
Cool, no problem, I think to myself. I meet a lot of famous producers from other countries and even America sometimes, I don’t even know who this guy is, but maybe when I see…my thoughts were cut off the moment I hit the bottom of the stairs. Kosta has a big animated smile on his face, trying to introduce me to this blonde man with striking blue/green eyes and a scarf like an Italian.

So, he got a table with me and like ten of his friends. He was really cool and I became his best bud during the three hours he and his company were there. He wanted to know about me and Greece and I didn’t need to ask much about him because…well…I’ve read Teen Bop in the past. I was very proud of myself, however, because not once did I even give the impression that I knew he was from N’sync or was famous at all. It was a good night, but I still wish I had my camera for those times he had to many Coronas and ended up dancing shirtless with three guys on the pole. TMZ would be writing me a fat check!


The clouds have rolled in, the winds have started to blow harder, and the scarves and Ugg boots now serve a purpose. September has been full of the most horrible part of spending a summer in Mykonos; the goodbyes. Imagine if all the people you have bonded with from all over the world suddenly just left. Will I ever see them again? Most of them, no. But we will always have our memories of the summer of 2009 when we cried from exhaustion, laughed at stupid jokes, and drank wine with each other as the sun set on our little piece of paradise, our little rock where we all found each other in the middle of a large sea.

I have stopped work as of a few days ago. The island has become quiet, the bars are closing their windows, the streets are being washed clean from the sins, romance and bliss of Mykonos. Soon there will be nothing left but a small Greek community where the echoes of summer living will slowly fade away into simple winter sounds of the Backgammon dice.

But the sea still crashes on the beaches and the sun still calms my nerves and allows me to remember I am in Paradise. I fill my time now working on an upcoming movie starting Nick Giannopoulos and Kevin Sorbo, playing on the internet and whatever my heard feels to do. The summer may be over, and the friends I have made may be gone, but my happiness and joy still are forever captured by this island and the ones who inhabit it.

Hold On Life Gets Better Than You Know

I woke up in my apartment with the sunlight shining on my face. The smell of fresh bread and pasta cooking was making it’s way in through the crack in my shutter from the restaurant down the alleyway. The room was cozy and a soft breeze tickled my skin. It was house cleaning day. Something rare my family would think, but when you live in a studio apartment, it is nice to clean it and clear the clutter from your space and also your mind. So with the smell of fresh anti-antibacterial cleaning spray that is probably Windex (but since I can’t read Greek…and they probably lie about what it is anyway on the bottle..), I opened my shutters and let my morning begin…at 4:30pm.

I have been lucky enough to find a lot of things that I miss from home. Like Maple Syrup and hot wing sauce. You have no idea how much you miss some of those things when you think they are not available. Even Pillsbury and Betty Crocker got a passport and made it over to the super markets here. I also found a super market larger than an AM PM. It says MEGA STORE on the front of it. That is the difference between stores here: Mini, Super and Mega. Genious. No one cares if the name is Top Foods, Albertsons or Walmart. Think Simple America! Mini..Super..and Mega is all you need to get the picture across.

My day continued with me deciding to come here to the internet cafe. I stepped out into my little alley way, now smelling of fresh Garlic bread and cheese, and was almost knocked off my feet by the wind that came whistling down the corridor. It was another Mykonos wind storm. Mykonos is often referred to as “the island of the wind,” because of it’s location and catching wind from all directions on a compass rose. When I emerged from the tangle of narrow alleyways that border my apartment, the town opened up to the harbor, which is often lined with yachts and cafes. The sky was the most magnificent blue, the birds were singing, tourists were laughing and eating ice cream. The sound of plates clanging and the waves crashing from the wind storm mixed with the soft babble of passersby created an ambiance of brilliant color and life.

Then a wave hit me. No really…a wave hit me. Instead of getting angry because I was soaking wet on half of my body, I started laughing and stood there for a second, hoping it would happen again. I had been walking down a narrow street by the water, and the ocean decided to say hello up close and personal. In order to get to this internet cafe, which my parents might remember called Blu Blu, I have to walk down some steps that are half buried in the sand along the beach. Since it is so windy today, I played a little game of Red Light/Green Light with the sea. When the waves rolled in, I had to time my steps right so I wouldn’t get my feet wet in the process of jumping off the cement onto the beach and running up to the road. I was successful.

So here I am, enjoying the view of the Aegean Sea, 2 hours since I woke up, and 3 more hours until I work at the bar. I hope everyone else is enjoying their summers at home and laughing at the little things their day brings them!