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Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I will tell you the time I once lived in Dublin.

A Story From Within

“No matter what you do, whether you are traveling the world, rich beyond your wildest dreams, the CEO of a corporation, or have your own TV show, you will still find times and reasons why you are sad about your life…and feel like you are missing something.

Cheers to the Land of Eire!

It was initially my goal to be still living in dearest Dublin, Ireland for today. Especially since I had been living right next to the infamous Temple Bar, which is crazy on St. Patrick’s Day.

How I Met U2’s Bono: In Poem Form

Before Christmas, I had a wonderful experience. I met the world famous rock-and-roll/God-in-human-form…Bono from U2. For those of you who are unaware who he is, you can check out his video on youtube here

.Four Planes. Two Boats. One Amazing Week.

It is hard to find words to say about my life right now. Well, I am almost 7 months deep into my European adventure. This means I am exactly to the day 4 months over my expected time of departure from Europe.


What are you listening in those little head phones person I pass by everyday? What music is making your blood pump through your veins, memories flash in and out of your mind like a yellow yield light.