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Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I will tell you the time I once lived in Dublin.

A Story From Within

“No matter what you do, whether you are traveling the world, rich beyond your wildest dreams, the CEO of a corporation, or have your own TV show, you will still find times and reasons why you are sad about your life…and feel like you are missing something.

Cheers to the Land of Eire!

It was initially my goal to be still living in dearest Dublin, Ireland for today. Especially since I had been living right next to the infamous Temple Bar, which is crazy on St. Patrick’s Day.

How I Met U2’s Bono: In Poem Form

Before Christmas, I had a wonderful experience. I met the world famous rock-and-roll/God-in-human-form…Bono from U2. For those of you who are unaware who he is, you can check out his video on youtube here

.Four Planes. Two Boats. One Amazing Week.

It is hard to find words to say about my life right now. Well, I am almost 7 months deep into my European adventure. This means I am exactly to the day 4 months over my expected time of departure from Europe. Within these four months, I have traveled to 14 cities in 5 different countries. I currently am illegally employed by a bar getting €50 a night (5 hours) and paying €100 a week for a beautiful penthouse in the center of Dublin, Ireland. I recently took a free plane ride to London, England to hang out with some friends from the Greek Isles. Then, with two days of being there, I hopped a 4 hour plane ride to Athens, Greece for a one week “holiday,” to visit my Greek friends I made over the summer. Little did I know I would be caught in the middle of the Greek riots!The weather was nothing short of amazing! Not only was it 30 degrees warmer than Ireland, but when I went to the islands, I couldn’t help but run out onto the deck of the ferry boat, throw my hands in the air and feel utterly and completely alive. Nothing but blue skies, soft, white clouds, the shadows of islands in the distance and a sea that would give any painter inspiration. Once again on Mykonos, I found the island to be more real than I ever experienced in the summer. It was empty. However, with the few bars still open, I walked into my favorite one called “Agyra,” which means anchor in Greek. Right when I walked into the small bar flooded with multi-colored disco lights and playing nothing but Greek music, I heard voices saying “LINDSEY?” I looked to my left and to my right seeing some old friends from the summer. I felt at home and the happiest I have been in months. I spent roughly a week on Mykonos, enjoying the empty beaches, the sunsets, the small bands of new kittens, and of course the amazing food and hospitality.After Greece, I flew back to London, only to have a nightmare of a time getting to my friend Holly’s house. Let’s just say having an Irish number with no credit in London is like having no phone at all. But like everything I do, it always works out and I am always okay. I found her £33 later at 3am. The next night we went to a club called Rehab in London and had a fantastic time! It was sad to leave Holly, her being one of my closest friends from Greece, but I know in time our paths will meet again.

So now I am back in Ireland getting ready for my first holidays away from home. I am sorry I can not be home at this moment, mostly I apologize to my family. But this is the first time in my life I feel like I am not waiting around for others to tell me what to do next. I have blossomed into an adult and I have created a life over seas that will probably give me culture shock when I come back to the US.


What are you listening in those little head phones person I pass by everyday? What music is making your blood pump through your veins, memories flash in and out of your mind like a yellow yield light.