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Safety Over Water

My parents made a trip to Australia and new Zealand in 2005. Personally, I have never been to the southern hemisphere, but my mother brought me back a very important gift.

A necklace with a white, bone hook that was known as mauri jewlery. The mauri tribes of new Zealand, like the native Americans of the united states, were the first inhabitants of New Zealand. The hook design represented “safety over water.” I have worn that necklace almost religiously for the past three years of my travels.

And today, I accidentally left it behind at a Best Western hotel in Milan, Italy. It is sitting on the desk, by the TV.

I reached for it around my neck when there was turbulence on my plane heading to Athens, and a sadness came over me when I felt it was not there.

Now I just need to plan a trip to New Zealand to find a new one.