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Cheap Travel Destinations During Winter

Seeing images of hot spots gets me itching to hit the road. But those exciting travel destinations do exist when summer has disappeared.

Mediterranean Home Decor

The place where I have felt the most free, the most beautiful, and beyond all, completely full of life has been my old “home” of Mykonos, Greece. While moving to Sweden has been quite a big difference not only weather wise, but culturally for me, I try my best to bring flavor of Mykonos style to my personal surroundings.

Best Months to Travel to the Greek Islands

Greece is known for it’s glittering Aegean sea, amazing eats, sunny weather, and an unbelievable nightlife. It is a place where time is allowed to stop. It is enjoyed by tourists mainly because it is a place to fully relax and enjoy a vacation properly.

Where to stay in Mykonos, Greece

I know exactly what you are thinking.

“We have only X amount of days in Mykonos, what is the best hotel to stay in for budgeting and to see everything?”

..I Can Feel Your Heartbeat..

Mykonos, the place I have called my home away from home since 2008, has a heartbeat.

The Art of Everything

In the art of everything, we sing, we dance, laugh and cry, and hope that one day we can finally see life the way it was meant to see us.

No Speaka Italiano.

Working in Skandinavian Bar on Mykonos has been a rollar coaster ride this summer. With the recession wiping out the world’s bank accounts and the prides of potential tourists, tourism has taken a fall…or a plummet.

Pipe Bombs and Frappes

Greece has been a whirlwind this time around!

I landed in the land of the gods on March 26, after a circus of flights across Europe, and came straight to the Greek islands via ferry boat. The months of March and April were quiet and not warm enough to beach it up. However, after a quick trip to Athens for my American friend’s birthday, I was content with filling my nights with back to back American films on the local t.v station.

We have officially opened the Skandinavian Bar and Disco, where I have been working the past three summers! Luckily for me, the island is filled with eager and adventurous Americans and Canadians! I have met a few couples from Seattle, and one from Woodinville! Vancouver, BC is representing itself very well here as well! Small world…

As for the chaos in Athens that you all might have heard about, it has been very sad for the Greek economy and the people as well. Three people suffocated to death in a bank after a rioter threw in a pipe bomb. However, it is not all of Athens that is in turmoil, just a small district near one of the government buildings. Despite what American media is telling you, no one is getting shot and its not dangerous to be in Greece. Yes, the citizens are angry at the government and are expressing their freedom of speech a little to harsh…but I am perfectly fine on Mykonos drinking my iced coffees and soaking up the sun.

I hope the weather is becoming enjoyable wherever you are in the country or world, and if anyone is thinking of a vacation this summer, please come visit me in Greece! This may be your last opportunity!

You Son of a Beach!

I cannot believe it is almost June! It seems like just yesterday I was covered head to toe in jeans, thick jacket, scarf and Ugg boots in Seattle.

Skandilicious Mykonos Begins!

Tonight we officially open Skandinavian Bars and Disco!!