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Top Questions About Schengen Visa Overstay Answered

I never knew that my experiences with visas in the Schengen Zone would turn into a world of information for travelers and people looking to relocate to Europe.

Understanding the Visa Information System (VIS)

Traveling is fun, but in order to travel you first need to get the proper visas to be able to go where you want. The Visa Information System for European Union entry should be in your vocabulary alongside Eiffel Tower and Pisa.

Swedish Visas for American Citizens

Want to learn about moving to Sweden and getting a Swedish visa? You’ve come to the right place!

The Truth About Schengen Information System (SIS)

The Schengen Information System (SIS) does not track tourist entrance and exit stamps, despite popular belief. Let me break it down.

Schengen Treaty and Overstaying Visas (Updated 2018)

UPDATED 2018: Europe is an amazing place. Millions of people travel to Europe each year, whether it be on business, curiosity, adventure, rebellion or leisure; we all make it there at one point in our lives. Overstaying Schengen visas can happen quickly.

HELP (Schengen Debacle)

Just when I think I have everything figured out and that I am going to go home, a good opportunity strikes me. I get a call tonight saying the bar I work at wants to train me as a bartender…if I stay a few more months. So let me break it down.

Plan A: Quit my job in two weeks. Keep in mind I average about €300 a week. Enjoy New Years and maybe see some of the lush green Ireland. Then, on January 10th, take a cheap flight to Boston, stay for 5 days and see some friends. On January 15th, fly home to Seattle where I will be warmly greeted by my parents and friends. In the midst of the American financial crisis, I will then look for a job. This could be a waitressing job a bartending job or anything I could do for three months to make around $2000. In the middle of April, I will then come back to Europe. I would fly into Heathrow or Athens and go back to Mykonos to start my summer again.

Plan B: Get upgraded to a bartender, probably earning more that $300 a week. Still enjoy New Years, either working or not. Stay in Ireland until Feb. 27th and get a round trip flight to Seattle and back to Dublin (return on April 25th.) Be warmly greeted by my parents and friends. In the midst of the American financial crisis, I won’t be in a crisis because I will have enough euros saved where I can exchange them and put them safely in my American bank account. Then, I will do a few working shifts for a promotional agency I am apart of to earn some side cash. Then, after staying for my father’s birthday and my birthday, I will head back to Europe in mid April. Fly into Dublin and go straight to Athens and to Mykonos to start my summer again.