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To be brutally honest…

Scotish people need to have English lessons.

I ordered a Starbucks coffee today, and the barista, being a fine young Scotsman, muttered something confidently and to me…absolute gibberish.

“Je wans te teek awee or een.”
I stared at him, blinking quite a few times. “Huh?” I replied in a very American way.
“Uhh..take away or in a moog.” He said very slowly.

It was cute, I must admitt.

So now I am on the beautiful island of Bute. I haven’t explored much of the town, but it is very Victorian looking. My parents and I are at my brother’s girlfriend’s mother’s house awaiting our supper. It is cold here, much like Seattle weather. We will be in Scotland until the end of the week on Sunday, then we fly back to England to explore the Dorsett region!