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Working In Stockholm

It was two years ago when I won the hearts of the Swedish migration board. Now with my visa renewal just around the corner, I am very thankful for my life here in the land of Abba, blondes and H&M.

Sweden, I’m Legally Yours!

If anyone read my last posting about being denied a visa from Sweden, you would know that I had been denied a work/residence permit from Sweden. This was devastating for me and my boyfriend, because we thought this was our true option of staying together LEGALLY in the same country. To work…to live…to have a normal life and let our relationship progress naturally.

But I am stubborn. And I hand-wrote an appeal to the Swedish Embassy, challenging their decision, which was merely based off Michael and I not moving “soon enough.” Obviously the month of July did not mean immediate for me to move my whole WORLD from SEATTLE.

So I came to Mykonos, like I normally do to work and have summer of fun and play with Michael and everyone…and one night I got an email on my iPod: “your residence and work visa has been approved.” I stopped in my tracks and ran through the winding streets of Mykonos…up the stairs of the bar and jumped on Michael and whispered “we got it!!! We got the visa!”

In fact, I had to physically go GET the visa the next day because the sticker in the passport expired and a new law took place the next day. After closing work at 6am, I jumped on a 25 minute plane ride into Athens at 10am so I could be at the embassy before it closed at 1:30pm! ( you following the disaster of this time line?)

But when the woman handed me back my passport with that sticker and my picture…the feeling of accomplishment and victory overwhelmed me. Finally, I can stay in Europe. Finally, Michael and I can live somewhere normal and have jobs we like! Finally, I can get a kitten!

I jumped back on a 5pm ferry to be in Mykonos by 11pm and work at midnight.

With all the strength in the world, the things you want may come slowly, but eventually they come!

We are planning to move January!

Searching for Sweden

The winter months are long over as we quickly leave any trace of 2010 behind. With the early months of 2011 already in progress, my life is about to drastically change.

I am moving, once again, to another country: SWEDEN.

Why may you ask? Because I am in an international relationship with a Greek-Swedish, wonderful man. If you have not read about him, try you luck with this blog entitled “Love Is Lust But When Does Lust Become Love?”

Also, because I am an American citizen, it is very difficult to get a proper working visa anywhere else in the whole wide world. That’s right, if you are an American with no dual passport, no job sponsorship then you have no hope of ever moving to another country legally. Trust me. I’ve tried.

If you have visited my blog before, you know I have had battles with the Schengen Zone and living in Greece for nearly 3 years!

But how can you move to Sweden if you said Americans can’t move anywhere else? Because Sweden, has a co-habitation visa!! Lucky me that Sweden is so hard-assed that everyone is to stubborn to officially get married. So to make things fair, they have a co-habitation visa which allows anyone from any country to come reside and work in Sweden if they are in a legit and established relationship with a Swedish citizen!

Bingo. That’s my man! I had to go through a lot of paperwork and had documents sent from Sweden to prove Michael is a citizen. I met with the Swedish consulate in Seattle and went over all my paperwork…and we sent it! The only downfall is the application process can take anywhere from 6-8 months…and technically, I am leaving for Greece in 3 months! But if approved, I can pick up my visa at any Swedish Embassy in the world! So, I will try to keep everyone updated on this process!