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Schengen Reinforced Border Controls

While traveling in the Schengen Zone usually means borderless travel, for those who have overstayed their Schengen Visa, travel just became harder in 2018.

Top Places to Eat in Tokyo

Traveling is a plethora of restaurants that can often leaving you pulling your hair out because you want to make the right choice in where to eat.

Traveling Tokyo: Go//Sleep//Eat Guide

From above, Tokyo is a city of silence. The buildings fade into a hazy blue distance. It never ends.

Weekend Getaway to Krakow Poland

Poland is a European country that I have always wanted to travel to. First of all, I am a sucker for cheap prices. Secondly, the World War II history of this country is insanely important to learn about and see for yourself.

The Best Airplane Routine

Most of my travel is on long-haul flights around the world. These types of flights can be really uncomfortable if you don’t fly often.

The Travel Best Friend

Sometimes our travel best friends know us better than our own friends back home. We meet them on the road, and bond quickly.

Safety Over Water

My parents made a trip to Australia and new Zealand in 2005. Personally, I have never been to the southern hemisphere, but my mother brought me back a very important gift.

A necklace with a white, bone hook that was known as mauri jewlery. The mauri tribes of new Zealand, like the native Americans of the united states, were the first inhabitants of New Zealand. The hook design represented “safety over water.” I have worn that necklace almost religiously for the past three years of my travels.

And today, I accidentally left it behind at a Best Western hotel in Milan, Italy. It is sitting on the desk, by the TV.

I reached for it around my neck when there was turbulence on my plane heading to Athens, and a sadness came over me when I felt it was not there.

Now I just need to plan a trip to New Zealand to find a new one.

Writings on Old Paper

I found this note crumbled in a crevice in an old backpack I used to use to go backpacking. I often write on odd things like wood, old book pages and most of all, napkins and paper towels. I found this from the beginning of summer 2009. 

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I will tell you the time I once lived in Dublin.


One Month Until Take-Off

The day has finally arrived! One month before I jet set back to Europe for another sun filled Greek summer!

Like all summers in Europe, my adventure starts off with a long, ridiculous number of cheap plane rides to countries I don’t really have reason to go to! People ask me, “why do you go through London all the time?”

Because it’s CHEAP! I don’t mean venture out into the great British country side and mingle with the Brits, because that will drill holes in your pockets. England is the magical country that allows you to travel on such crap airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet to destinations for as cheap as a penny (on specific discounts).

I am looking forward to once again throwing my responsibilities out the window and amercing myself in all that is Mykonos and Greece. The soul pounding beats of the famous DJ’s, the crisp, alcoholic and icy goodness of pool bar Mojitos, the mouth watering morsels of Greek food, the hypnotic nightlife and the luxurious atmosphere that covers you from the top of your designer sunglassed head to the tip of your spa treated toes.

I will tan darker than before. Drink a shot of ouzo whenever I see fit. Engorge myself with as much Greek salad as I want. And damn it, I will learn those awkward Greek sounds in order to learn the language! And if life turns around and smacks me in the face when I don’t expect it, I’ll throw my hands in the air and laugh. Because that is what life and experiences, good or bad, are all about.