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Living, working and moving to 3 countries within Europe was an adventure I would love to do over and over again. For those of you interested to moving to another country, here is a checklist I have provided:

Are you mentally ready?

You basically will decrease physically seeing your friends and family about 90% of what you already do. Of course there is Skype, G+ hangout, FaceTime, etc. I have missed a lot of weddings, baby showers, holding my two nieces as babies, among other things. Ask yourself if the living abroad experience is worth giving up some of those moments.

Moving abroad does not come with instructions.

No one tells you how anything works. They do not give info packets when you move somewhere! How do you pay taxes? What are your rights as an employee? When do you renew your visa? I suggest finding expat forums and websites!



Do they offer resident visas?

It is illegal to just move to another country to live and work. Of course, if you are looking for a 3 month holiday, and you hold the right passport, you can move places for 3 months on a tourist visa!

Do your research.

I cannot stress to you how important it is to understand the country you are moving too. What language do they speak? What is the housing situation? When I moved to Sweden, I did not do my research and ended up looking for an apartment for 4 months! Sweden’s housing is government regulated, so they have some housing issues here CLEARLY!

Do you have your college degree?

Many may think this is unnecessary, but in fact, it is one of the most important aspects to securing a job and obtaining your money source while in another country. You need to show employers you are able to compete with local talent and even go beyond. Think; why would they choose you instead of someone who already speaks their language?


You can’t just move to a country without some cash in your bank account. This is because you need to be able to survive for the first couple of months  as you set up your accommodation and also job prospects. Are you staying in hostels? How much is an average carton of milk? Bread? Internet? You can find this information here:
If you are thinking you’re ready to move to Europe, I offer help and information in Living in Sweden!







  1. Saamee | 24th Nov 17

    Hi there, i have a very important thing to ask about. I worked in portugal paid tax every month for 3 years. My residency was in the process and i left to my country in last may. Will this affect my next application to schengen visa? I would love to make a trip to Switzerland this winter.

    • Lindsey | 24th Nov 17

      Hey Saamee, did you have a Portuguese tax number? They wouldn’t have given you that on just a tourist visa. That should have given you legal status, so I don’t think this would affect your next schengen application.

  2. Nguyen | 20th Oct 17


  3. Francesca Manna | 16th Oct 17

    Hello. My Fiance is in Italy with me, we want to get married in July.. We arrived here in August, so the three months are almost over 🙁 We’re currently looking for jobs for him, he’s a cook and he could be a language assistant, considering he’s a Native Language Speaker. We clearly don’t want to separate from each other for 90 days, so… My question is: if he does overstay, will the overstay be forgiven by getting married?
    In the USA if I had overstayed, my overstay would have been forgiven once he’d married me.

    • Lindsey | 18th Oct 17

      Hey Francesa, sorry, but the statement you made about overstaying in the U.S. and being “forgiven” is simply not true. If the visa you enter the U.S. on has a non-immigrant intent (That is, you are making a promise to return to your home country before the visa expires), then your visa status cannot be changed if you get married. In this situation, U.S. immigration officials will likely consider this a misuse of a tourist visa. You always need a k-1 visa if you plan to marry in the U.S. and an overstay then could be forgiven.

      In your case for Italy, I would contact the American Embassy anonymously and ask about this. You can also find all the information here:

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