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Where to stay in Mykonos, Greece

I know exactly what you are thinking.

“We have only X amount of days in Mykonos, what is the best hotel to stay in for budgeting and to see everything?”

Leonidas, I don’t think we’re in Sparta anymore!

In between Greece’s morning coffee and early afternoon coffee and just before their middle-afternoon glass of Ouzo, the people of Greece find time to protest. Of course, this would never be in the summer months of the year, when Greece focus’s on their main purpose…tourism.

..I Can Feel Your Heartbeat..

Mykonos, the place I have called my home away from home since 2008, has a heartbeat.

Seasonal Depression

Coming from Seattle, I grew up hearing about seasonal depression as soon as school hits, work begins, August stops and summer ends.

No Speaka Italiano.

Working in Skandinavian Bar on Mykonos has been a rollar coaster ride this summer. With the recession wiping out the world’s bank accounts and the prides of potential tourists, tourism has taken a fall…or a plummet.

You Son of a Beach!

I cannot believe it is almost June! It seems like just yesterday I was covered head to toe in jeans, thick jacket, scarf and Ugg boots in Seattle.

Skandilicious Mykonos Begins!

Tonight we officially open Skandinavian Bars and Disco!!

Let The Sun Shine In

Sunny days are upon us here on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. I have finally had to take out my aloe Vera and sooth my sun happy skin before bed time.

The most popular beach on Mykonos is called Paradise Beach, for obvious reasons. In a protected inlet, surrounded by barren rock cliff sides, lies a coarse sand beach. The multiple shades of blue sprinkle the waters and add a tropical exotic feel to Paradise.

Youth from all over the globe travel to this beach that is infamous for their afternoon beach parties. Spraying of €100 bottles of champagne and the consumption of way to much alcohol mixed with half naked tourists makes Paradise Beach the only place to be in the summer!

Mykonos Mornings

This entry is a bit late, but I thought I’d post it anyway!

I hardly ever see 8:00 in the morning. However, with my recent and ridiculous travelling, jet lag is blessing me with the music of the A.M!

I have become victorious with my never ending battle of gloomy Seattle weather, and am now sitting in the sunshine and light breeze of Mykonos, Greece. I am at my boyfriend’s house on a hill side that overlooks a valley of wildflowers, a reservoir and in the distance, the soft waves of the Aegean.

Since it is the week of Greek Easter, and my birthday, I hear many farm animals mooing, cooing, clucking and baaing. Maybe they are getting ready for the feast this upcoming Sunday!

In Greek culture, a Greek orthodox is suppost to fast for 40 days from all meat, olive oil and anything else that is in a normal diet. But this Sunday, it has been told many Greeks will eat half their body weight in LAMB!!

Stars and Tabby Cats

The wind blew hard, lashing my blonde hair around my face. I was in my usual spot under the Mykonian windmills. The sea pounded against the shore, exhausted and in a never ending battle with the wind. The stars above shown like white embers at the end of a fire.

My thoughts of old friends, goals, love, trust, and life filled my head. This was my thinking place where I was alone and felt so put together.

I felt something graze my back. An old tabby cat with one eye missing had nestled against my polar fleece, using me as a sheild, and possibly, a comfort friend. Sometimes I feel like things can get so crazy and I never really know where a person like me can belong. Or where I’ll end up. My friends and loves can come and go, but I have always had myself and my back.

But tonight, was just me and the tabby against the world. I lay against his back, and he lay against mine.