Schengen Visa Calculator to Calculate Days in Europe

On a Schengen C visa or a visa-waiver, you can be in Schengen area for 90/180 days. Seems easy, right? Use this Schengen Visa Calculator to determine your stay in Europe! Please use the calculator below the share buttons (and please share the calculator to your travel buddies!) You can also make a small Paypal donation for its creation!

How the Schengen Visa Calculator works

Myth: You are allowed to stay 90 days within a 180-day period, and then your visa will reset for a new 180 period.

False. With amendments made in 2013, the rule means you can only be in Schengen countries no more than 90-days in any 180-day period. The word “any” implies the application of a “moving” 180-day reference period, looking backward at each day of the stay (be it at the entry or on the day of an actual check), into the last 180-day period, in order to verify if the 90-days/180-day requirement continues to be fulfilled.

Please use this calculator to check or plan how many days you have been or will be in Schengen. This way, you can breathe easier and know your visa rights! To learn about the horrors of overstaying, read here.

Disclaimer: The calculator is a helping tool only, it does not constitute a right to stay for a period resulting from its calculation. This site does not take responsibility for your actions based on these calculations. Please always consult with your Embassy or immigration lawyers. This calculator does not track or store any information you input.




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  1. Natasha | 27th Nov 17

    Hi! I found this and it is great, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the Faroe Islands or Ireland which are not part of the Schengen.

    • Lindsey | 27th Nov 17

      Hey Natasha! Correct, they are not part of Schengen. So they would not necessarily count towards your Schengen stay. However, if you are trying to plan out your trip, and wanting to input them, this should be added. I will look into this fix. Thanks so much!

  2. Julija | 24th Nov 17

    HEY! I like your idea creating a calculator, but unfortunately it’s not very correct. I have inserted day of entry and day of exit, but it gives less than if I am counting using calendar

    • Lindsey | 24th Nov 17

      Hey Julija, thanks for the feedback. It definitely shouldn’t be off, as we have tested it for many trips up against EU Council’s own calculator. Can you email me the dates you input so I can have a look to see if there are issues? It is Thanks!

  3. jane | 21st Nov 17

    Lindsey, the option to email doesn’t really solve the problem. What’s great about an app is that you can continually rework it on the go, put it down, forget about it for a few weeks and then pick it up where you left off without having re-input information. There was one called Schengen90 (not available in States) which was good but it got bugged up. I agree with William, if it’s a good app, people will notice it and pay for it because of the difficulty of the Schengen visa calculation for people like me who come and go year ’round and have to be in complete compliance with the Schengen restrictions.

    • Lindsey | 21st Nov 17

      Yes, I was just trying to make a “right now” solution. Since my web based calculator is only 1 month old, I am just gathering different reasons for people using it. So it is great feedback for me to look into. Will let you know when I move forward with the app ☺️

  4. Martine | 21st Nov 17

    I love your calculator! Thank you for creating it. I ran through my visit in the schengen last year and your calculator says 89 days, which is what I calculated too, however last January the French consulate I applied at for a long stay visitor visa said I had stayed 92 days, because the officer counted both the entry and the departure days too. I’m not sure what to do – do you have any tips? Thank you so much.

    • Lindsey | 21st Nov 17

      Hey Martine! Thanks for the feedback! You should input the date your plane landed in Schengen, and the date your plane exited. So it should include your entry/departure dates.

  5. William L Mateo | 20th Nov 17

    I don’t see my earlier comment….here it is again: An App for iPhone (and iPad) would be AWESOME. We can use it for planning while we are traveling and want to change plans, sitting with friends planning a trip, etc. A way to save the latest data on the app would be extremely useful. I would be glad to pay for such an app – I think $1.99 would be a good price for a mobile app. Also another clue – leave the desktop free so everyone can play around with it, but add in a way to save our latest data (ie a way to create and account and log in). Then promote your mobile apps on the site as well as in app stores. This is the BEST and accurate calculator out there by far – you have no real competition.

    • Lindsey | 20th Nov 17

      Hello! I received your other two comments fine, btw. I approve comments before they go out to make sure I don’t get robots 😂 I appreciate the feedback and will look into making an app. Thanks so much for using it!

  6. jane | 20th Nov 17

    I have been using various Schengen visa apps to calculate my movements. They never match up or are confusing or just useless and thus I have taken to doing the math myself. Your calculator is right on but I can’t hold onto the info that I have inputted as I can in an app. There are a lot of people out there who need an accurate app and will pay for one, any chance you could write one?

    • Lindsey | 20th Nov 17

      Hi Jane! Glad to know mine works for you, and appreciate the feedback. ☺️ I have not thought about writing an app just yet since my web calculator is so new. What if there was an option to email the info to yourself?

  7. Bill | 18th Nov 17

    Boy are you smart. I am amazed I have not overstayed in the past…never understood this ’till I played with it.

  8. Lindsey | 11th Nov 17

    You’re welcome!

  9. | 8th Nov 17


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